We introduce our recent schooling project in the village Mushapo (D.R. Congo): In detail we inform chronological about the current developments in our different subsections (school building, education and agriculture) of our project. We try very hard to make updates about the progress of our project regularly to keep you up-to-date. Furthermore, to get a rough overview we also summarize the developments in Annual Reports.

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Until the start of our school project in early 2011, the village of Mushapo did not have their own school. To spare the children their daily long walk to neighboring villages and in order that more children can get a good education, ADH made the realization of a school project in Mushapo its goal. The school project is meant to last: Several school buildings with bright spacious classrooms of solid, durable materials should guarantee a permanent school operation no matter what the weather conditions. In addition, important new jobs will be created in the rural area by building schools and the operation thereof.

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With the school project in Mushapo ADH wants to ensure a good education for the students in order to give them and the village a better future. ADH offers the schooling for free, so that also children from poorer families can attend the school. With a proper teaching staff ADH tries to establish a good teacher ratio, so that the children can be treated according to their needs. The curriculum of the officially recognized school is based on national guidelines, but already in the first grade, the language is French.

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With the sustainability of the school project in mind, ADH as undertaken an agricultural project. Income from the agriculture should contribute long-term to finance the school operations. Currently domestic agricultural products are grown on a total area of 10 hectares and are sold at local markets. This helps the food-poor region and creates new jobs. The agricultural project also provides opportunities to involve the local community with the school project and teaches them to take personal responsibility for the school in Mushapo. The professional cultivation can also serve in the future for practical training.

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What else is there to report in connection with the work of ADH? Innovations on various topics relating to the activities of the association, its support and changes in the general situation on the ground are summarized in this category.

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 ADH tries to counter the progressive urbanization in the Congo!

Our objective – to counter urbanization


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